SimAgile - hands on learning for modern agile learners

with real life and challenging scenarios

a Scrum Master to deliver a Minimal Viable Product

improves retention and skill development

Be part of a Scrum team to deliver a minimal viable product. You are immersed in a virtual agile team environment where you have to navigate organizational challenges, process roadblocks and team dynamics.

The simulation starts with an ordered list of backlog items as defined by the Product Owner. The participants role play an agile team member to execute a sprint cadence. Participants are challenged with real life roadblocks and have to navigate team conflict to meet the sprint goals. End of sprint reports provide quick feedback on progress and learning opportunities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand agile principles and practices through role play
  • Experience how Scrum works in agile teams
  • Evaluate benefits and challenges with agile methods and teams


Integrate SimAgile into your agile course. Provide hands-on learning experience for your students. Comes with student orientation guides, videos and instructor resources.

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