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Our mission is to make professional learning effective and fun through the power of simulations.

We create project management and agile simulations that help educators use real-life learning experiences to prepare students for career success.

Onsite and online training customized to meet your needs.

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Leadership and Change Management Training
  • The simulation was engrossing and a great way to drive home the lessons – I learned a lot about teamwork from this experience.S.L. Ecolab
    I think everyone who works on projects should have this experience.S.Q. Mayo Clinic
  • The Simulation was great! I learned a lot…most fun class I have ever taken!A.S. GMAC
    The simulation learning process was a much better process then straight lecture. The sense of accomplishment is greater when what is being learned is instantly being applied.L.Q. ABC
  • The quality that SPL has been providing us is greatly appreciated; we see this reflected in the enthusiasm expressed by the participants in the Project Management Simulation. I see this as a strong foundation for our curriculum moving forward.P.J.F. 3M
    I can honestly say that your training, in my opinion, has been one of the best we’ve had throughout the years for all the various topics on which we’ve been taught!KRMN BCA