SimProject®, is a PMI award winning online project management learning simulation used by many academic institutions and training organizations around the world as part of their project management curriculum. SimProjectStudents plan and manage an 11 week, 7 task project from start to finish juggling scope, schedule, cost, quality and individual/team productivity. Simulated stakeholders and team members add the human dimension that is missing from simple case studies. SimProject can be given as standalone home work for students (individual or teams), or utilized as a classroom (physical or virtual) activity. If used in a team setting three students share a single SimProject license and make decisions as a team.

SimProject is also available as part of our Project Management Fundamentals SPL 2 days class.

“I used the online SimProject in our MBA Project Management course. Repeatedly, students experience “aha!” moments when they experience the impacts of their decisions on the project’s time, cost, and quality results. I cannot overstate the importance of this simulation in their learning. Prior to using the simulation, students’ contributions to class discussions are often generic and theoretical. Once they’ve delved into the simulation, they begin to speak as if they were a project manager and focused their discussion on specific issues. For example, they understand the importance of stakeholder communication. However, when they overlook a communication opportunity and suffer the inevitable consequence, they really get it. I can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices, and read it in their subsequent work. There are many such examples, where the simulation affords students an effective means to achieve a deeper level of learning.”
– Professor Laurie Schatzberg of the University of New Mexico


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Students learn project management as they run a decision-driven simulation comprised of real-life people, a real-life company, a real-life project, and the daily challenges encountered on any real project. Students must navigate challenges like schedule, scope, staffing, and ongoing interactions with difficult team members and politically motivated stakeholders. Students will finish with more confidence in both planning and managing projects and people using all the fundamental tools. For additional learning students can run the simulation a second time as they avoid previous mistakes and further develop their project management skills.