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It’s Easy to Integrate our Project Management Simulation into Your Curriculum

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There are various ways to use SimProject in a learning setting. Here are the various options; all of the options can be combined:

  • Students run the simulation individually or in teams
  • Students run the simulation during class time or outside of class time
  • Students run the simulation from beginning to end in one session or students run the simulation in multiple sessions
  • The simulation results can be graded or not graded
  • Instructors can provide feedback as the students run the simulation or only provide feedback at the end of the simulation

Use the following time estimates for guidance in integrating SimProject or one of our other simulations into your curriculum:

  • Students read the References documents (Company Policies, Project information and Resource information) – this should take 30 to 45 minutes depending on their understanding of the basic project management tools (Charter, WBS, Network Diagram, Gantt/Bar Chart)
  • Students plan the simulation project – this should take about an hour for SimProject and up to 3 hours for our other simulations
  • Students plan and execute each week of the project through completion of the project – this should take one to three hours for SimProject and up to 12 hours for our other simulations

Instructors have excellent management and monitoring controls:

  • Control whether students can begin planning and executing their projects. Instructors can even control execution by project week.
  • Stop all student projects temporarily
  • See the current high level status (schedule, cost and quality) of each student project
  • See any student project in detail, including their plans, status charts and history reports

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