SimProject Testimonials

I used the online SimProject shortly after its release in September, 2011 in our MBA Project Management course. Repeatedly, students experience “aha!” moments when they experience the impacts of their decisions on the project’s time, cost and quality results. I cannot overstate the importance of this simulation in their learning.

Prior to using the simulation, students’ contributions to class discussions are often generic and theoretical. Once they’ve delved into the simulation, they begin to speak as if they were a project manager and their discussions center on specific issues.

For example, they understand the importance of stakeholder communication. However, when they overlook a communication opportunity and suffer the inevitable consequence, they really get it. I can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices, and read it in their subsequent work. There are many such examples, where the simulation affords students an effective means to achieve a deeper level of learning.

Professor Laurie Schatzberg of the University of New Mexico

“Thanks again for creating and providing a tool that helps me to help others to learn”:
After my students do each simulation run they turn in a “lessons learned report” to tell me what they learned. I picked out a few phrases from their final reports to give you a flavor of their view of their own growth.

“I learned …
– keeping morale high can help to speed up a project
– spending time in the planning phase greatly helps the outcome
– planning and organization are crucial to completing a project
– addressing problems early helped
– that I am a do-er and learn by doing, so I learned from the simulation
– that managing the human aspect of a team can be the most vital part of success
– that I have to educate myself about what works best for each individual employee
– not every similar situation will produce the same results
– two heads are better than one
– I couldn’t tell if pizza lunches helped or not [note from Pam … that is so “real-world” … I couldn’t always tell either!] – to be more assertive with coworkers and employees, to reward and praise often”Pam Soderholm of Nebraska Wesleyan University

Using the simulation last term was a huge hit. Our graduate dean has mandated that a simulation will be used in each of our capstone courses!Dr Kathy Roth of Granite State College
The products are terrific and I’m so glad I get to use them.Matthew Mouritsen of Weber State University
Although one student thought SimProject was just a video game (he didn’t do well), others said it was one of the most exciting and meaningful experiences of their school career. Comments are definitely skewed toward the positive experience.Lawrence Rowland Ed.D. PMP of Hawaii Pacific University
I just want to say how much I enjoyed doing the 3 simulations, and even though I don’t come from a PM background, it really felt like I was running the show, and I really got into the swing of it all. I really enjoyed the whole process and it really brought all the classes from the book to reality, and showed just how everything fits together. I would highly recommend this simulation!

I liked the week by week execution and all the helpful comments from the assistant, team members and shareholders. This simulation is simple, quick and effective tool for teaching project management…and it was pretty fun!

I like that it was interactive. I also like that I feel I could go into another one with a lot better understanding of expectations and which tools to use. I should have used the Gantt chart much sooner than I did. I dismissed its value.Students

Some of the academic institutions that are using or have used SimProject:

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
Austin Community College
Binus University
Carnegie Mellon
Catholic University of America
Colorado State
Concordia College, St Paul
Duncan Aviation
East Carolina University
East Central College
Fayetteville State University
Florida Atlantic University
Forsyth Technical Community College
Granite State College
Hawaii Pacific University
Illinois Institute of Technology
Johnson CCC
Kaplan University

Lipscomb University
McMaster University
Midway College
National Defense University
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Northwestern College
Oakland Community College
Queens College
Qunnipiac University
Red Deer College
Salisbury University
Sam Houston State University
Southwestern Michigan College
St Louis University
St Mary’s University of MN
Texas Women’s University
Trinity College Dublin
Towson University

University of Connecticut
University of Denver
University of Houston
University of Iowa
University of Kansas
University of Mount St Joseph
University of New Mexico
University of Rochester
University of South Florida
University of Texas
University of Washington
Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy
Virginia Tech
Walsh College
Waunonsee Community College
Weber State University
Widerner University