Agile Assessments

Our Agile Assessments provide the critical information you need to become Agile or improve your Agile capability. The success of your ability to develop or improve your Agile capability as an organization is keenly dependent on identifying where and how to improve, and then implementing changes to realize those benefits.

In our experience the best way to become Agile or improve your Agile capability is to manage the improvement process as an Agile project. Continuous improvement is built into the Agile Scrum process via retrospectives from a project perspective, but what process is used to manage the Agile improvement process from an organizational perspective? To address this we help you identify (assessments) and document improvement steps (Agile Growth Plan) which are also added to the product backlog for your Agile Journey project.

In order to provide our clients with a realistic growth plan of how they can achieve their goals, we can assess an organization at the team, leadership and enterprise levels. Our comprehensive assessment can help us identify existing characteristics that will support and amplify Agile adoption, and those that will impede an organization’s transformation.

We offer three levels of assessments.

Team Level –
Drives Performance

Enables growth at the Team level. This assessment generates backlog items specific to individual Agile teams.

Leadership Level –
Drives Process Improvement

Enables growth at the Line of Business, Program or Product levels. This assessment generates backlog items specific to a group of Agile teams.

Enterprise Level –
Drives Business Outcomes

Enables growth at the Portfolio and Enterprise levels. This assessment generates backlog items specific to improving the Agility of the organization.

How the assessment process Works

You will see immediate results to foster the conversation in a debriefing session and we will follow up with a detailed report of the advice we offer based on the results of the assessment.

This period of observation and asking questions allows for better insight in how your organization can best improve your Agile capability. It also helps your organization to be more successful in implementing any change.

An outcome of this assessment is the necessary awareness, communication and organizational backlog required to create a bright Agile future with your team and organization.

Agile Team Assessment

Agile Assessments – Solutions Focused on Need and Complexity

  • Team Level
    • Purpose: The Team assessment is a strategic retrospective that digs deeper into the top areas that affect your team’s performance and health by analyzing these five key dimensions:
      • Clarity
      • Performance
      • Leadership
      • Culture
      • Foundation
    • Outcomes:
      • Engage in open/honest conversations about your strengths and growth opportunities
      • Develop a growth plan for the next quarter / release
      • Let leadership know where they can help
      • Build the team with a positive experience
  • Leadership Level
    • Purpose: The Leadership assessment focuses on action for managers and coaches that support all Agile teams and enhances program metrics
      • Qualitative leading indicators
      • Hard metrics of delivery health
      • Business outcome results
    • Outcomes:
      • Engaged managers to help the team grow
      • Management applies Agile to the growth plan
      • Focus on culture and foundation obstacles
  • Enterprise Level
    • Purpose: The Enterprise Health assessment analyzes the portfolio across teams to tie team success to organizational business value goals
      • Discover and address enterprise clarity obstacles that can burden teams
      • Ensure organizational culture supports the Agile Mindset
    • Outcomes:
      • Continuous improvement throughout the organization
      • Establish key performance indicators