Simulation Powered Learning (SPL) takes the best of typical training (providing skill awareness and knowledge) and adds a real life simulation experience. SPL helps students turn knowledge into performance as they practice and learn by doing.

Simulation Powered Learning
Flight simulations are SPL
Training Simulations

Learning to pilot an aircraft using a flight simulation – it just makes sense. A flight simulation provides the required practice faster and for less money. Pilots can also practice emergency situations that can’t be replicated in real life.

How is SPL different from other management simulations?

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How does SPL help students reach the 4th & 5th stages of learning?

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Live, Virtual, System, Immersive simulations

What’s the Difference?

First Time Project Failure

Do you want your Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts and Leaders to learn on the job?
Do you want their first project to be a real project, with a real client, real money, real schedule and real team members? Why take such a big risk? A first time project mistake will likely cost a minimum of 10 times the cost of a SPL training class.

We rarely learn from “do overs” or someone telling us what is the right or wrong answer. We learn by taking on challenges, making mistakes and recovering. In SPL, as in real life, the learning comes from doing; making decisions, observing the results, challenging our assumptions and overcoming challenges.
Project Management , Agile, BA, Leadership, Change Management TrainingTypical training gives you the answers to specific questions, but real-life questions are rarely that simple. Real life requires knowledge and skills that you can apply to all kinds of different situations to find answers. Each challenging situation is going to be at least somewhat unique and you will not answer it by “having” an answer. Looking at different aspects of the situation and being able to predict results based on experience and skill, and choosing answers that will give you the best results – that is what you will learn from our simulations. Project Management, Agile Scrum, Business Analysis and Leadership are a complicated mix of processes, tools and soft skills. Simulation is the only way to practice this mix of skills Project Management , Agile, BA, Leadership, Change Management Trainingin an integrated experience over a short time frame. In our 2 and 3-day SPL workshops participants are introduced to new skills and then guided in a safe, mentored, “learn by doing” environment which fosters retention and application of skills.

The simulations were authored by a distinguished group of project managers and leaders with over a century of experience. They led projects in a broad range of industries and were responsible for budgets ranging from thousands to billions of dollars. We guarantee that our simulation workshops will not only educate you but will give you the confidence to apply those skills on the job.