Customized Training

Our approach for meeting the specific needs of our clients is to first understand their current project management capability, culture, and learning objectives. We can then customize and deliver training that exceeds the client’s expectations. We will work with clients to add client specific content and terms while maintaining the desired instructional flow and timing. Any required pre and post training efforts will also be identified, designed and implemented.

CustomizationSPL also offers simulation customization. Simulation Powered Learning® (SPL) consists of a computer software engine driven by a flexible challenge/project database. With this architecture the simulation can be customized to reflect:

•  A client specific project or leadership challenge
•  Client specific staff skills, attributes and/or behaviors
• Client specific learning objectives

Any SPL training class can be customized to your needs, delivered online or onsite, or licensed for your in-house use.
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For Agile, Project Management, Business Analysis, Leadership and Change Management
Training Customization
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