General Frequently Asked Questions

With all of our products and services, including workshops, your total satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If for any reason you do not feel you received full value for the products, services or training you received, we simply ask that you submit payment for the amount of value you felt you gained.

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Company Frequently Asked Questions

SPL provides training for Project Management, Agile, Business Analysis, Leadership, and Change Management. SPL offers blended Simulation Powered Learning workshops that fully involve students through the use of computer simulation. We can deliver the training either onsite or online. Class durations range from a 1/2 day to 5 days depending upon the client skill development and certification needs.

All of our public workshops are geared towards enrollment by individuals. We recommend enrollment with your work team for an added team building experience. Please check our schedule HERE for the next public workshops available.

Most lecture-based training only makes us aware of skills we do not have. Rarely do we leave feeling good about using new skills; we must be allowed to practice these new skills in a risk free environment (with constructive feedback) many times over to achieve competence. This is where the computer simulations add value. The simulations allow students to run a 11-22 (virtual) week project during the course of the workshop, allowing students to practice apply their new skills. For more info visit the “What is Simulation Powered Learning” page. The airlines have known about the value of computer simulations for years. They have successfully integrated simulation-based training in the certification of their pilots before they ever leave the ground. Once certified, they continue to use simulation-based training to maintain certification and continually enhance pilot skills.

Yes, but it will not include the simulation practice which is key to skill development and a return on your training investment. Repetition is the key to building competency. We have found that two or three days of introducing tools, techniques and concepts, integrated with focused and intense practice (simulation training) are required to make permanent changes in a student’s workplace performance. That’s a remarkably short time to initiate real skill development and change.

Our workshops are designed to provide participants with hands on experience so that they actually learn how to perform effectively and not just know about a subject. Taken together with our exam preparation training our simulation workshops cover all the crucial knowledge and tools required for PMI PMP/CAPM certification or IIBA certification. Participants actually develop their skills and knowledge in an integrated experience that helps them pass the certification tests. Our stand-a-lone PMP Exam Preparation training give participants the information they need to both apply for and prepare for the exam. Our classes include all the information, knowledge and preparation material you need to pass the exam on the first attempt. See THIS PAGE for more information on certification.

Our training can be customized to any client. The training will not conflict with any client’s methodology or tools. In addition, our workshops are compliant with the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the International Institute of Business Analysis’s, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge.

All of our course ware and our simulations can be customized to fit your exact needs. Give us a call or contact us with your ideas and requirements and we will design a course or simulation specifically for your company’s processes, tools, culture and nomenclature.

Our prices vary, depending on the length and type of the training or workshop, and the number of students that attend. The typical price per student is from $250 to $450 per day. Volume discounts are available. Find more information on our pricing HERE.

We suggest booking a pilot session for your company, and inviting 12-24 of your best judges — the people who are respected on the specific training topic. Or attend one of our public enrollment classes: CLICK HERE.

It is our goal to make sure you fully satisfied with our services. We accomplish this by identifying and understanding your expectations and desired outcomes up-front. We will then work with you to present a solution that will address your needs. Any required pre and post training efforts will be identified, designed and implemented. In the training we gather and set expectations with students and we review results during and after the classes to make sure we have met desired outcomes. Fissure also offers after training support through our “Lunch n’ Learn” follow-up sessions. These meetings are typically held several months after the workshop with the participants to evaluate not only what the students have been able to learn and apply, but also what could be improved to help them learn and apply more of the skills, tools, and techniques covered in the training. The feedback can be used by the students and organization to improve the project management culture. Our after training support also includes responding to email and telephone questions the students may have after returning to their workplace and specific projects. This after workshop support can also be more formalized. We offer, as an option, informal and formal mentoring services and will help the organization to design, develop and implement a mentoring program. We have found that some type of mentoring program greatly increases the learning transfer. A mentoring relationship helps challenge the students to use the skills, tools and techniques they learned in training and provides valuable feedback on their progress as a an individual.

No, the simulations are designed for training and most are designed for team use. We do offer individual use licenses and they can be procured as part of the training or on an individual basis. See the “SimProject Simulations” menu for available simulations.

Using the simulator to perform “what ifs” is a popular request and will be seriously considered in future versions of the simulation tool. However, it is extremely important to point out that our simulation tool is primarily designed to be used as a learning tool to reinforce the learning of a skill set through the process of “cause and effect” relationship feedback in a risk free environment.