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Jesse Freese

Jesse Freese

You may already be aware that Fissure has been working on an online delivery version of our highly effective on-site simulation powered learning (SPL) workshops. We are now looking for a few good students to participate (at no cost) and provide feedback on this project to turn boring on-line training into engaging on-line learning.

We are at the point in the development and testing where we are ready to run a “Beta” test of the Online Project Management Simulation workshop. To have a successful test run we need students and that is where you come in as we are looking for a few students to participate in the upcoming Beta workshop. A description of the workshop is attached.

The benefits of participating are:
•  Test out our new on-line offering for free (expect that we will have some challenges)
•  Learn and grow (even for experienced PMs)
•  Network (we hope to limit attendance to 2 people from each company)
•  Exciting and challenging – collaborate with team members to successfully complete your project within schedule and under budget, while competing with other teams running the simulation
•  Earn 24 PDUs
•  Students who complete the workshop and provide feedback earn an additional free seat in any future Fissure public workshop (on-site or on-line)
•  Companies who participate can also take advantage of a 50% discount on the purchase of your first on-line Fissure SPL workshop.

The requirements for participating are:
•  Attend at least 10 of the 11 synchronous sessions
•  Computer, browser, internet connection (DSL or faster), and headset (headphones or ear buds and microphone)
•  Be a student during the training session
•  Provide feedback to Fissure on the training experience
•  The Beta On-line Project Management Simulation workshop is scheduled for:

August 30th – 9 to 10 am CDT (on-line tool training), 2 to 4 CDT
August 31st – 9 to 11 am CDT, 2 to 4 CDT
September 1st – 9 to 11 am CDT, 2 to 4 CDT
September 2nd – 9 to 11 am CDT, 2 to 4 CDT
September 8th – 9 to 11 am CDT
September 9th – 9 to 11 am CDT, 2 to 4 CDT
September 10th – 9 to 11 am CDT

If you want to register or have any questions, please contact me via email ( ) or phone (952-882-0800).

Feel free to forward this to other people in your organization who you think will be interested. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your response.

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