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Our mission is to make professional learning effective and fun through the power of simulations. We create project management and agile simulations that help educators prepare students for career success.

See why innovative colleges and companies are using our simulations to drive engagement and learning.

What is Simulation Powered Learning?

Simulation Powered Learning (SPL) takes the best of typical training (providing skill awareness and knowledge) and adds a real life simulation experience. SPL helps students turn knowledge into performance as they practice and learn by doing.

We rarely learn from “do overs” or someone telling us what is the right or wrong answer. We learn by taking on challenges, making mistakes and recovering. In SPL, as in real life, the learning comes from doing; making decisions, observing the results, challenging our assumptions and overcoming challenges.

The simulations were authored by a distinguished group of project managers and leaders with over a century of experience. They led projects in a broad range of industries and were responsible for budgets ranging from thousands to billions of dollars. We guarantee that our simulation workshops will not only educate you but will give you the confidence to apply those skills on the job.

The Simulation Powered
Learning Difference

Advantage of Simulation in
Learning Project Management:

The following results are from a recent graduate level study and resulting paper. The research sought to determine how students respond to the use of a simulation to learn project management.


“The simulator was helpful to understand how concepts are applied in real scenarios.”

“I liked the experiential, hands-on learning component of the simulation. The scenarios that came up helped our team talk through and strategize how to get the work done. We had more than enough time to get through all four sprints in the simulation.”
“I really really enjoyed the simulation. I think it focuses on the right things and provides an environment for practical application of the core concepts of the course..”
“The course provided me insight into the tools and processes of PM. I am now better equipped to communicate with team members regarding PM processes.”

Why Use Simulation Powered

Track Performance

See each student’s progress throughout the simulations. Coach and teach with precision

See Engagement Skyrocket

When you coach students in real-world simulations, your engagement and effectiveness takes flight.

Know that you prepared them

Students turn knowledge into performance, so you know that they are ready for real life and teams.


An agile simulation based on Scrum.
Experience an agile team in action.

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Agile Simulation explicitly created for experiential learning.

Your students guide, coach, and lead their virtual Agile teams to deliver a minimal viable product.We built SimAgile from the ground up to simulate an agile team using a scrum framework. Thoroughly. With the entire Scrum cadence, agile coaching tips and real-life scenarios. In SimAgile, your students engage with a virtual agile team, complete with:
  • Sprint planning
  • Daily standups
  • Backlog refinements
  • Story point estimation
  • Real-world challenges
  • Team dynamics
  • Coaching opportunities
  • Simulated team chat
  • Product and Team level Reports

Online project management simulation.
Experience what it takes to manage a real project team.

Using SimProject students learn the fundamental tools and techniques of planning and managing a project from beginning to end. Good project managers understand how to use a Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure, Network Diagram and Gantt (Bar) Chart in both planning and managing a project. With SimProject students learn what managing a project is like as they make real decisions and get real feedback as they manage a simulated real-life project using real-life people within a real-life company. The simulation powered learning is practical, engaging, intense and challenging. It’s designed to give students the practice and confidence they need to apply their new skills on the job.

Proven Simulations that Help
Students and Teams Excel


Online project management simulation. Experience what it takes to manage a real project team.
PMI’s Continuing Education Product of the Year award winner!
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What Our Customers Are Saying

I think everyone who works on projects should have this experience. S.Q. Mayo Clinic
S.L. Ecolab
The simulation was engrossing and a great way to drive home the lessons – I learned a lot about teamwork from this experience.
S.L. Ecolab
I can honestly say that your training, in my opinion, has been one of the best we’ve had throughout the years for all the various topics on which we’ve been taught!
S.L. Ecolab

Agile and Project
Management Simulations

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