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Hands on learning for Modern Agile Learners

Students in your program take on the roles of guiding, coaching, and leading their virtual Agile teams towards the delivery of a minimum viable product. SimAgile has been meticulously constructed to replicate the functioning of an Agile team within the Scrum framework.


Scrum Simulation

Experience an agile team in action. Immerse yourself in the Scrum framework.

Track Performance

See each student’s progress in every simulated scrum session. Coach and teach with precision.

See Engagement Skyrocket

When you coach students in real-world simulations, your engagement — and effectiveness — takes flight.

Know that you prepared them

Students turn knowledge into performance, so you know they’re ready to for a real agile team.

Agile Simulation explicitly created for experiential earning.

Your students guide, coach, and lead their virtual Agile teams to deliver a minimal viable product.We built SimAgile from the ground up to simulate an agile team using a scrum framework. Thoroughly. With the entire Scrum cadence, agile coaching tips and real-life scenarios. In SimAgile, your students engage with a virtual agile team, complete with:

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Agile simulation based on Scrum

Experience an agile team in action. Immerse yourself in the Scrum framework.

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