Student Information

Using SimProject students learn the fundamental tools and techniques of planning and managing a project from beginning to end. Good project managers understand how to use a Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure, Network Diagram and Gantt (Bar) Chart in both planning and managing a project. With SimProject students learn what managing a project is like as they make real decisions and get real feedback as they manage a simulated real-life project using real-life people within a real-life company. The simulation powered learning is practical, engaging, intense and challenging. It’s designed to give students the practice and confidence they need to apply their new skills on the job. This simulated project consists of 7 tasks spread over 11 weeks (iterations) with 10 potential team members to staff the project.

Purchase and Installation Information

A SimProject purchase includes three runs or complete executions of the simulated project. Your license begins when you register your account and expires 120 days later (even if all runs are not completed). Ignore the ship to a different address option as there is nothing shipped with your purchase.

To access SimProject through a firewall, you have to allow both and

Upon purchase and validation, you will receive a confirmation email and a second email (from with important links, login and account setup information. Click on the “Getting Started” link now or after receiving the registration email for everything you need to know to setup your computer to run your simulation and to prepare yourself to plan and execute successfully. The current SimProject version requires Silverlight. A brand new non-Silverlight version will be available later in 2017. The current version only runs on the Internet Explorer browser on PCs and the Safari browser on Macs. You must use IE or Safari to run SimProject.

Click on the login link in the registration email. Your computer will be loaded with the communication software to run the simulation. This includes the installation of Silverlight if you don’t already have it installed. You will then see a Login screen. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to set your own password. After setting your password you will see an Execution Management window from which you can start running your simulation. In the Execution Management window you will be asked to pick an instructor (pick your instructor), and then pick your classroom. Remember to watch the videos and refer to the Help buttons on each page for instructions on reading about, planning, and executing your project. When ready click on the “Available Action” button “Start New Project” or “Resume Project”. You can log out at any time – it will save where you are. You will not be able to start your second or third execution until prior execution projects are completed.

Silverlight Help

Chrome and Windows 10 users: The latest version of Chrome and the Windows 10 Edge browser don’t support Silverlight, please use Internet Explorer or Safari on the Mac. Windows 10 comes with both the Edge and Explorer browsers. Explorer is already installed in Windows 10, you just need to find and launch it. Check this out:

Resource site for Silverlight issues:
If you see a blank screen after navigating to, test your Silverlight installation here. It will tell you if your computer is ready to use Silverlight. If your computer is not ready, follow the instructions. You may have to uninstall and reinstall Silverlight if you are seeing a blank screen after clicking on the Login icon.

If Silverlight isn’t working for you and you are getting errors trying to either uninstall, reinstall or upgrade Silverlight. Click here and follow the instructions.

Mac users: Yes, SimProject does work on Macs with OS versions 10.5.7 and newer. Please use the Safari browser, Chrome does not work. Test your Silverlight installation here. When you first attempt to load the Silverlight software in your browser, it may look like you have a blank white screen and that nothing is happening. Simply scroll down the page to see that Silverlight is loading. If it keeps asking you to install Silverlight, completely uninstall Silverlight from your computer. Uninstall directions are here. Directions for accessing the Library folder on your Mac are here. Then download and install Silverlight from here. If you want to use Firefox and Silverlight is not working, you may need to activate the add on. Access this panel by typing about:addons into the URL address window. On left side choose: Plugins and scroll down to Silverlight and select: Ask to Activate or Always Activate.

Simulation Support

Technical support is available during regular business hours (Eastern Time zone) Monday through Friday. Send support emails to