A Few Words From Jesse – Our Web Based Simulation Technology

Jesse Freese

Jesse Freese

It was a big day for Fissure as it was our first trade show after the release of our brand new web-based simulation technology and supporting website: www.simulationpoweredlearning.com. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Yes, now you will be able to run one of our many 
learning simulations as an individual right from the 
comfort of your office or home.

The first web-based simulation available is our SimProject® project management simulation for the University/College market. Our Fundamental PM, Advanced PM, Business Analysis, PM Lite, and Leadership/Change simulations will be available as they are converted to the web-based simulation technology. I’ll let you know when each one becomes available. For those who want to know more detail see “Why Develop a Web Based Simulation?” for an additional short article on why we developed the new web-based simulation technology.

Initial student and instructor feedback on the completely updated user interface is very positive and we are excited to be able to close this initial development project. Needless to say it has been a challenging project and we have learned a lot. Sometime next year (after they get a well deserved break) I’ll ask the development team to share an article or two on some of the more challenging aspects of the project.

In a few days, you will receive a short survey from Fissure regarding our free monthly webinars. We have received excellent feedback on the webinars which we started as a way to introduce people to basic project management, business analysis and Agile/Scrum processes and concepts. The free webinars also allowed us to “practice and perfect” our online delivery capability and give our subscribers an overview of Fissure’s training capability. Recently we have been receiving more and more requests for webinars which go deeper into specific topics, processes, tools and techniques. This is something we can obviously deliver, but we have two challenges:

  • What detailed webinar topics should we offer next year?
  • Are our webinar users willing to pay for these detailed webinar offerings?

We understand the attraction of “free” and have no problem offering our current set of high level webinars for free, and we will continue to offer these on a regular basis.

If we offer detailed training webinars they will not be free. Training is our business and we are not a non-profit (although our accountant has been questioning that lately) so we will have to charge a small fee for attendance. Please think about what training topics you would like us to offer next year that you would be willing to pay for a 90 minute deep dive training on a specific topic, process, tool, or technique.

Our upcoming public workshops and webinars can be found on our website. Our computer simulation powered workshops the most effective and fun way to learn AND EARN PDUs.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of 2011,

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