Career Life Tips: A Few Healthy Habits and A Mobile App To Track Them – Ammar Mango

We all try to build healthy habits and we all need help with this tough challenge.  I use Loop – Habit Tracker on my mobile to help me build and strengthen existing good habits.  I like this app because it is simple and gives you a single page where you can do all what you need to do.  You can add habits for work, family, health, etc.  It also allows you to see how strong your habit has become based on how often you do it.

I advise  to add habits that are not yet strong habits of yours.  For example, if you always sleep early, I would not put that in as you are already doing it, and it has become part of you.  However, focus on new habits you are trying to build.

You can add reverse habits.  for example, no eating after 7 pm.  or no smoking.  and you can check everyday whether you were able to do a good habit or undo a bad habit.

The app keeps the habits in your face so to speak and motivates you not to break “”the chain” of doing the habit daily.

This is a generic screen from the app, not mine.  I am sure you have a lot of habits you want to build.

I will gladly share ideas on good habits that only take five minutes daily:

Being aware of your breathing at least once a day.  Here is how:


Breathing from the belly slowly for five minutes daily.  Here is an example:


Stretching for five minutes daily.  Here is an example how:

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