Future of the Scrum Master Role May 21, 2019



Samir Penkar
COO, Simulation Powered Learning

Samir Penkar
May 21, 2019
1:00-2:00 PM CT

In this webinar we will explore the role of Scrum Master in the context of the changing agile landscape and how this role is likely to evolve in the future.

Agile teams have sprung up in many organizations; large and small. Scrum – a framework for developing and sustaining complex products –  has evolved as the framework of choice for a majority of these agile teams.

Samir Penkar embarked on a journey to understand the changing nature of the Scrum Master role from multiple perspectives – career, responsibilities, the skills required, measures of success for a Scrum Master, and the future of the role. His research data included over 350 responses from an online survey, observations and a host of in depth interviews.

Join Samir to explore future of the Scrum Master role. 

Samir Penkar is the COO of Simulation Powered Learning, a company that uses real-life simulations to turn knowledge into performance. An early adopter of agile principles & practices, Samir has coached numerous teams in adopting and growing the agile mindset. He is the author of the program management book From Projects to Programs. He loves dogs, kites and is a curious student of health and lifespan.